Roller Ways Flat Cages

Roller Ways (For High Rigidity)

Roller Way Series is a precision linear motion rolling guide incorporating cylindrical rollers with a precisely finished race plate. It has high load capacity and high rigidity. Elastic deformation under heavy or fluctuating loads is very small and smooth linear motion can be easily obtained. Precise cylindrical rollers are matched with a solid ground race plate finished to a high degree of flatness, achieving both high rigidity and high dimensional accuracy. As the height of roller way can be selected within a narrow range of 2m in dimensional tolerance, uniform load distribution can be easily obtained among Roller ways.
Sizes available from Width:26 mm to 95 mm and inches 7/8" to 4"
Series: RW (mm) , RWB (inches)

Flat Roller Cages

Flat roller cages is a precision linear motion guide consisting of a high accuracy cage and very precise rollers, and features very low sectional height. In this series both single row type and double row with a 90' angle are available. The cage material is steel or Synthetic resin. Needle Rollers are assembled in a cage with a small pitch distance, so load ratings are large. They are used for support of horizontal sliding motions of heavy loads.
Sizes available from Roller dia:2 mm - 20 mm
Series: FT (single row type) ..N (synthetic), FTW (double row type with 90' angle)