Precision Positioning Linears

Precision Linear Slides

Precision Linear Slide is a light weight and compact linear motion rolling guide, comprising a U shaped table (or slide unit race) and bed (or track rail) made from stainless steel sheet by precision forming. The raceway grooves are accurately ground on the table and bed. Precision Linear Slide features high proformance and durability , making this series suitable for measuring equipment, disk drives IC manufacturing and inspection devices Etc.
Sizes available from Width:7 mm to 25 mm
And Lenght from: 15 mm to 100 mm
Series: BSP (Linear motion) , BSPG (built in rack and pinion) , BSR (endless Linear motion)

Precision Positioning Tables

Precision Positioning Table is a positioning table , featuring high reliability, high accuracy, and high rigidity.The Linear ways are assembled on a slide table and bed made of cast iron which are designed to have a high rigidity and superior vibration damping characteristics, and a precision ball screw is assembled in the drive accuracy and positioning accuracy, as well as high load capacity. Four sizes with table widths ranging from 120mm to super large size 420 mm are available. Two axis tables which combine these single axis tables are also available as standard specifications. This product is most suitable for use as a high accuracy positioning mechanism with a large applied load and a relatively long stroke.
Series: TSLH (Single Axis) and CTLH ( X,Y Axis)

Precision Aligning Tables

Precision Aligning Tables Precision Aligning Tables Precision Alignment Table AT is a rotary positioning mechanism for precision angle correction, which consists of a high rigidity steel table and bed assembled with Crossed Roller Bearing as a table support bearing. Precision Alignment Table AT converts linear motion produced by ball screw drive into circular motion of an appointed operating angle range, and performs positioning in the direction of rotation. Linear Way L is assembled as a linear motion rolling guide in the ball screw drive mechanism and serves to achieve high accuracy positioning in combination with the precision ball screw.