Needle Roller Bearings

Needle roller cages

Needle Roller Cages for general usage are bearings, which display excellent rotational performance. Since they have a large lubricant holding capacity, lightweight and high rigidity, they can withstand severe operating conditions such as high-speed rotation and shock loads, and they are used in wide range of applications.
Available in Sizes From Bore size: 3 mm to 200 mm
Series: KT (K), KTW (K...ZW)KTZ & KTV used for Engines available in Big and Small ends.

Needle roller Cages for Engines (Big end and Small End) for Connecting Rods

Needle Roller Cages for Engine Connecting Rods are bearings for use in engine connecting rods. These bearings have superior performance proven in high performance engines of racing motor cycles, and are widely used in scooters , motor cycles, mopeds, generators etc. and also in general-purpose engines. Bearings for engine connecting rods are used under extremely severe and complex operation conditions such as heavy shock loads, high speeds, high temperatures. These Cages for are lightweight, and have high load ratings and high rigidity as well as superior wear resistance conditions.

Shell type Needle roller Bearings

Shell type Needle Roller bearings are light-weight but are rates for heavy loads. They employ a Shell type outer ring made of thin special-steel plate which is accurately drawn, carburized and quenched , thus providing the minimum sectional height of the needle roller bearings The caged type has a structure in which the needle rollers are accurately guided by the cage and thrust rings. It is useful for applications at high-speed rotations.
Available in Sizes From Bore size: 3 mm to 60 mm
Inches Bore size: 3.969 (5/32") to 69.85 (2 3/4")
Series mm: TLA (HK),TA (HMK) , YT (FJ) (full complement)
Inches: BA (SCE) , BHA (SCH), YB (full complement)

Machine Type Needle Roller Bearings

Machined Type Needle Roller Bearings are bearings with a small sectional height and large load rating. The outer ring has high rigidity and can easily be used even for light alloy housings. These bearings are available in metric and inch series, both of which have the caged type and full complement type. It is therefore possible to select suitable bearing for use under various conditions , Such as heavy load, and high speed or low speed rotations. In addition there are bearings without and with inner rings , They are also available with side sealing to protect from dust and other factors.
Available in Sizes From Bore size: 5 mm to 490 mm
Inches Bore size: 15.875 (5/8") to 101.6(4")
Series mm: NK, RNA (without Inner Ring) NKI , NA (with Inner ring)
Inches: BR (HJ) (without Inner Ring), BRI (with Inner Ring)

Needle combined Thrust Bearing

Needle Combined Thrust Bearings are combination of radial bearings and thrust bearings, Caged needle roller bearings are used as radial bearings and thrust Ball or Roller bearings are used as thrust bearings. They are compact and very economical, and can be subjected to radial loads and axial loads simuntaneously. They are widely used for machine tools, textile machinery, industrial machinery etc.
Size available from: 10 mm to 70 mm
Series : RAX , NKX (NAX), NKXR (NBX), NKX..Z (NAX..Z , RAXNPZ)(with dust cover) NKIA (NATA),NKIB (NATB with 3 point ball contact.

Needle Thrust Bearings

Needle Thrust Bearings consist of a precisely made cages and rollers. They have high rigidity and high load capacities and can be used in small spaces. Various types of raceways rings can be used and suitable bearings can be selected according to the operating conditions. They are most suited to applications where high accuracy is required at high speeds and under fluctuating heavy loads, such as driving mechanisms, for automobiles, machine tools, high pressure pumps. Etc.
Sizes available from Bore: 10mm to 280 mm
Series: AXK (NTB), AZK (81100)
Washers: AS, GS / WS (thick).