Cam Follower

C- Lube Unit for cam followers cl

(Needle Roller Bearing Series)

New Concept! Track Surface is also made Maintenance-Free!!

IKO C-Lube Unit for Cam Follower is a lubricating part attached to the cam follower. Since lubricating oil which is indispensable to the outside diameter surface of the cam follower outer ring and track surface is supplied, periodical oil supplying is not required. It realizes a long period maintenance free operation of the track surface.

Resin particles are fusion bonded and there are lots of empty spaces.

Lubricating oil is held in the spaces of the resin particles.


It can be easily attached to the equipment which is currently used!

  • C-Lube Unit for Cam Follower CL can be easily attached by tightening it together with the cam follower.
  • C-Lube Unit for Cam Follower CL can be used with conventional equipment structure as it is by merely wiping off the foreign matter on the opposing track surface lightly with a rag.
  • Since the capillary lubricating body is impregnated with high quality lubrication oil euqivalent to JIS K2213, even if general machine oil exists near the place of installation, it can be used as it is.

Cam Followers For Centralized piping CF-RU1/CF-FU1

(Needle Roller Bearing Series)

Since tap hole processing is conducted on the stud for centralized piping, it is most suitable for places where centralized piping of oil supply is necessary.

Product Outline

Cam Follower is a bearing having thick outer ring and a stud to which needle-type rollers are built into, and it is a bearing having small friction coefficient and excellent rotational performance designed for outer ring revolution.

With the purpose of increasing the load area effectively, this bearing is designed so that the radial gap is smaller than the general needle roller bearings. Therefore, it alleviates the impact load, and a stable long-life is gained. Since the stud undergoes screw processing and stepped processing, they can be attached easily.

Cam Followers have high rigidity and accuracy as follower bearings for the cam mechanism and straight line movement, and they are used in a broad range of fields such as machine tools, industrial robots, electronic parts machinery, and OA (Office Automation) equipment. Cam Followers made of stainless steel excel in corrosion resistance, and they are suitable for use in places that are easily affected by oil, environment in which water is scattered as well as clean rooms.

Internal Structure and Shape

Cam Followers come in series of abundant types such as those with cages, full complement, shield type, sealed type, spherical outer ring, cylindrical outer ring and ones with hexagon sockets.

Guilding System of Rollers

Cam Followers come in types with cages as well as full complement. Bearings with cages are suitable for places having small friction resistance and high-speed revolution, and bearings having full complement are suitable for places having low-speed revolution and places where heavy load is added.

Structure of Seal Portion

Cam Followers come in shield type and sealed type. The shield-type bearings make the gaps between the outer ring and the stud collar portion as well as the outer ring and the side plate portion small and form labyrinths. Sealed-type bearings have a hermetic seal built into the labyrinth portion of the shield type, and entry of foreign matters can be prevented.

Shape of Outer Ring Outside Diameter Surface

Since the outer ring of the Cam Follower is used by letting it come into contact directly with the opposing track surface, there are spherical surface and cylindrical surface for the outside diameter of the outer ring. Bearings of spherical outer rings are effective in alleviating the end load based on attachment errors. Furthermore, bearings of cylindrical outer rings have large contact area with the opposing track surface so it is suitable for cases in which the load is large or the hardness of the track surface is low.

Shape of Stud Head Portion

As for the shape of the stud head portion of the Cam Follower, there are ones with screw driver slots and ones with hexagon sockets for which hexagonal bar wrenches can be used in the attachment.